I wanted to let you know how much in love I am with my Somnius. It keeps me sane and helps me sleep so deeply, I always feel like I have had a good night’s rest.

Scottsdale, AZ

We are Loving our new Somnius!

Both of us are experiencing improved sleep, sleeping longer and deeper, going to sleep faster if we awake in the night, and are experiencing a calm sense of centeredness and well-being all day long… What a difference!

How about that…

My Wife Christine had been vacationing in Europe for a month and upon her return has been experiencing severe jet lag from the 6 hour time change…
Even after over 3 weeks home she was still sleeping erratically, not sleeping deeply and waking up exhausted and just an emotional basket case all day long.

Last week, she began sleeping with my new Somnius under her pillow…

After only two days with the Somnius, she began sleeping through the night, sleeping deeply and restfully, awakening rested, calm, relaxed and then energized all day long.
Now the jet lag is totally gone, she is feeling great, very emotionally balanced, happy and has become once again, the Christine I know and Love…

What a marvelous product!

Christine just loves our first unit and informed me that it will be staying under her pillow, “forever after”… Personally, I agree!

Now I ‘m not sleeping so well and I am really missing the benefits of our Somnius. So, this morning, I ordered a second Somnius for myself…

Thanks again James… What a great invention!

Last night we both tried Program #4..

WOW.. It was lights-out for the night and I didn’t wake up once. All I remember is drifting off to sleep and the next thing I know it’s 7 hours later and I’m waking up… Chris got up at 5:30 am, which would normally wake me up immediately, but this time I just keep snoring away, dead to the world… She said that she slept like a rock for 8 hours… First time in months! We can’t wait to try it again tonight…

Thanks so much

Charles and Chris

First of all I’d like to say thanks for the prompt backup support.

I’ve used both Somnius and Clarius as well as my IPhone sleep pattern recorder and they have changed my sleep patterns exactly as advertised.

Again, thanks heaps.


We just got back home and had the Somnius with me and we think it helped a lot with jet lag and sleeping. My husband made very sure that I did not forget the Somnius in any of the hotels we stayed in, so that’s a natural reaction for him thinking Somnius is a good thing and we must have it under our pillow.
So thank you for this grand service to Humanity!!!

Santa Monica, CA

With the help of the Somnius, I’ve slept better than I’ve been able to in 8 years.

I’ve had very intense nightmares for the past 5 years, and now that I sleep with the Somnius I almost never have nightmares, and when I do, they are not nearly as intense.

I’ve found that I am finally sleeping throughout the night, whereas before I would sometimes wake up 6 to 7 times a night.

My overall attitude and emotional state has improved immensely since I’ve been using the Somnius. I have had pretty intense anxiety for a long time, which has reflected in my patience level, my emotional wellbeing, and my relationships, all of which have improved since using the Somnius.

I would very highly recommend the Somnius to anyone who has difficulty sleeping through the night or who doesn’t get good sleep through the night. I would particularly recommend the Somnius to Combat Veterans, who experience poor sleep as a result of intense anxiety, traumatic stress, or have consistent difficulty with nightmares!

Colin R. (Combat Veteran, Iraq and Afghanistan)
Seattle, WA

Oh my goodness, we LOVE our Somnius ‘sleep machine’ (as we affectionately call it)!

As parents of a newborn (and 2 more under 3 years old!) we had reached the past-exhaustion point. We crashed into bed, often restless and unable to settle, only to wake up 2-3 hours later to tend to baby, and start the process over again. Morning found us nearly as weary as the night before. Many nights of this and I, in particular, was starting to feel crazy – literally. I struggled with postpartum depression after the births of my first two children; sleep deprivation was a big contributor and, unfortunately, something we didn’t seem to be dodging this third time around either….

until our Somnius!

I noticed a difference right away: the first night I still woke up often, but fell asleep more quickly and returned to deeper, more refreshing sleep easily.

By the second and third night not only were my husband and I both sleeping better with less wakefulness, but our newborn was as well!

He is in a bassinet at the end of our bed, about 6 feet away from the ‘sleep machine’, but I’m convinced his sensitive little body is tuning into it…

he now sleeps 4 and 5 hour stretches instead of 2 and 3.

I can function on 4 hours! And with 5 I feel like I’ve had a full night’s rest. Especially because the rest has been just that – restFULL.

We are forever grateful to our Pops for sharing this amazing little miracle machine with us.

and to NuTesla for creating it.

We are thrilled to promote Somnius and truly hope others will try this wonderful product.

They’re sure to fall in love with sleep again!

Thank you!

Lansing, MI

I purchased my Somnius in the past couple of months and my husband and I love it! I have already recommended to others.

Dallas, TX

I love my new Somnius. I always thought I slept well but after a week of using the Somnius, I feel like a different person. I wake up refreshed and ready to go. I don’t remember ever feeling so good before.

Black Mountain, SC

My Mum ( who is in her 80s ) has had poor quality sleep for a long time now and has been feeling very tired during the day. I am so pleased I decided to order the Somnius for her as it has given her a much better quality of sleep – she sleeps deeply and although she still wakes in the night, is able to get back to sleep again until morning. A vast improvement and she is feeling much better and enjoying life so much more. I have now ordered one for myself and am delighted with being able to enjoy good quality deep sleep. I still wake occasionally in the night but fall asleep again very quickly. I was hesitant to order this at first, but it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and I received a personal email from James after ordering it. This is a genuine product and I feel I can trust and rely on this company. Thank you so much!

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Dear James D. Honeycutt, PhD,

I borrowed the Somnius for a week from my Cranio-Sacral practitioner to try out and the first morning I awoke feeling very differently. My body was in a completely relaxed state. There was an obvious shift in my nervous system (I usually wake in a hyper sympathetic state). It took a few days to adjust to this new state. Although I did not experience an initial shift in the amount of sleep I was getting I definitely noticed I felt more rested. I continued to notice a relaxed state even after I returned the Somnius.

I decided to see how I did without it and noticed I was slowly shifting back into my old pattern. So I purchased my own Somnius and after years of getting 2 -4 hours per night of sleep and spending one night a week catching up, I now get an average of 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

This has been a critical step in my health and healing from bipolar disorder. Re-patterning sleep is crucial to moving beyond the limitations of this disorder. I now feel very confident in completely healing this pattern and this has given me a vital tool towards that end. Thank you for your research and development of this dynamic technology.


Erin L, Bioenergy Practitioner, MI

Somnius is phenomenal. It has literally energized me and given me balance. I feel healthy and motivated from a good night’s sleep.

Sarah Dayley
Vancouver, WA

With Somnius I am able to have a restful sleep without getting up all hours of the night, which is a true blessing.

Depoe Bay, OR